Free Scratch and Sniff Pot Stickers Courtesy of the Rotterdam Police

I’m sure that somewhere in the heart of the Red Light district of Amsterdam there are a number of ‘coffee shops’ that sell scratch and sniff stickers that smell like marijuana. However, today a letter came in the post sponsored by Rotterdam City Hall and the Rotterdam Police that contained my very own pot-scented scratch and sniff card along with a letter (in Dutch) and  some pictures of illegal pot growing operations (see below pictures).

While one may grow up to 5 marijuana plants domestically in the Netherlands without interference from the police, the scratch card  – which measures 20cm x 10cm and smells quite authentic – is part of a campaign to sniff and snuff out illegal pot growing operations in the Netherlands of which police estimate there are 40,000.

The campaign as also seemed to get Rotterdam a fair amount of media attention as well.

The green scratch card, measuring 20cm by 10cm (8in by 4in) read

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