WikiLeaks’ Editor-in-Chief reacts to Ass-inine comments of University of Calgary Professor Tom Flanagan

When I first saw this video a couple of days ago and the quite simply stupid comments of University of Calgary Professor Tom Flanagan I was going to post it but then thought that there was likely already so much out there on WikiLeaks.  The video speaks for itself and Flanagan’s flippant and half-serious remark that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assagne should be assassinated seemed more like a poor attempt to emulate an Alastair Campbell persona that comes off instead as a reactionary cowboy. Of course Flanagan, perhaps now because he is feeling less manly now that he is off the television has expressed ‘regret’ for his comments in a statement sent to the CBC; ‘regret’ is far from an apology.

Interestingly, today in an online Q&A held via the Guardian with WikiLeaks Editor in Chief Julian Assange, when asked about Flanagan’s comments remarked:

‘Mr. Flanagan and the others seriously making these statements should be charged with incitement to commit murder.’

So, perhaps Flanagan may now end up expressing more than ‘regret’. As for WikiLeaks’ Assange, one must admire the courage and conviction of the sources who leak information and the whole WikiLeaks network. With the wave of DDoS attacks, dropping of domain names and hurdles WikiLeaks and their staff are facing, we really are witnessing one of the first social media information wars play out in the global media arena.


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