The ‘media debate’ in the global justice movement and the ‘spiral of silence’ – A case study of Dissent!

A blatantly self promotional post. An article I wrote for the peer-reviewed social movement journal Interface has just been published.  You can view the full table of contents for Volume 2, Issue 2 which deals with social movements and media via their new website.

My piece, ‘Breaking the spiral of silence: unpacking the “media debate” within global justice movements. A case study of Dissent! and the 2005 Gleneagles G8 summit’ is actually a chapter from my PhD thesis which I cut as the thesis was already over the 100,000 word limit. I was quite happy to find a suitable home for this piece as there has been little scholarship which has considered the debates that social movement actors engage in when debating over interacting with mainstream media. Moreover, I have always been interested in Noelle-Neumann’s idea of a ‘spiral of silence’ and enjoyed applying the concept to this case.


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