Revolution is a Process – Book and Show Pictures

A while back, for my birthday actually, I participated in a Master Class held by MAMA Gallery with Emory Douglas, former lead graphic designer and ‘Minister of Culture’ of the Black Panthers and produced the above ‘Twitter Revolution’ two-colour screen print.  The course was fantastic affording the opportunity to work with an inspiring collection of talented Dutch artists and, of course learn from Emory Douglas himself about art, politics and the history of the Black Panthers.

The output for the class was initially seen as each participant, myself included, creating a screen print. However, given the ambitious nature of those in the project, and particularly those at MAMA and the Mesh Print Club, the project expanded into not only individual screen prints made by participants, but a show and a publication.

The show, which closed on December 18th, was held at the Kunstplatform de Kapsalon, Rotterdam who did an amazing job putting the space together.  Below are a couple pictures from the show including a picture of the ‘Twitter Revolution’ piece I did for the class with the invaluable help of Sander @ Mesh.

The idea behind the ‘Twitter Revolution’ piece was to offer a visual polemic alongside Malcom Gladwell’s piece, ‘Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted’ which was published that same weekend in the New Yorker.

The output from the Master Class was also made into a publication called, ‘Revolution is a process’ which can be previewed via the MAMA website. The poster I did for the class, along with the work of all the other participants is there. As an added bonus, there are two pull-out posters one of which is my ‘Twitter Revolution’ image. I also wrote a small piece ‘Beyond Tshirt Thinking’ which is a critique of sorts of the posters, such as mine and slacktivism more generally, which argues that while it may be easy to think up a catchy image or witty slogan, this sort of action must be a means towards change and not simply an end. I may, at some point, post the short essay but, for now, you will have to buy the book! If interested get in touch or follow the above MAMA link for more information.

The official blurb is as follows:

Revolution is a process

All events of the (I Can) Feel the Pulse project come together in this publication, which includes documentation of the exhibition, of the debate and the master class. The design and its production are based on the techniques utilized by Emory Douglas in the graphic design of the Black Panther Party’s print-matters. The publication is made in a combination of techniques: stencil print, silk-screen prints and full color prints. Revolution is a process also contains two removable silk-screened and numbered posters, designed by Patrick McCurdy and Kiki Peeters and co-created with Ose Cornelisse.

Publication date: November 20th, 2010
Contributions by: Ariadne Urlus, Charlie Dronkers, Patrick McCurdy, Katayoun Arian, Kiki Peeters & Ose Cornelisse
Editor: Margriet Brouwer
Print run: 100, including 15 special editions
Language: English
Pages: 38
Design: OONA
Co-publisher: Mesh Print Club
Thanks to: Abner Preis, Amira Gad, Emory Douglas, Hasna El Maroudi, HipHopHuis, Jefferson Pinder, Lloyd Marengo, Mesh Print Club, Kunstplatform De Kapsalon, YourSpace.
ISBN: 978-90-816473-1-1


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  1. That’s fantastic, Patrick! I had no idea that picture was your own and it sounds like working with Emory Douglas would be a great experience.

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