On the use of Tumblr | Social Force Tumblr

This term I am running a few (3) tutorials of a first year class called ‘Communication as a Social Force’ which is part of the International Bachelor Communication and Media (IBCoM) programme.  The course aims to provide an introduction to various theoretical perspectives into how the role, presence and practices of media influence contemporary society.

The tutorials for this class aim to provide a means to discuss and see in action the concepts covered in the lecture. As a means to share the content used in the tutorials as well as allow students to share examples they may come across as well, I have set up a  ‘Social Force’ Tumblr page. I have never used Tumblr in this way before but the ease at which it allows everyone to share clips, quotes and information is quite impressive and certainly better than Blackboard allows. As for how well the Tumblr page work’s we’ll have to wait and see.



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3 responses to “On the use of Tumblr | Social Force Tumblr

  1. Derya Kitapci

    It’s a great thing to actually use such media platforms with the IBCoM courses. For the BA-1 “Communication Technologies and their impacts” course last year, we had to maintain a Ning site, which was an interesting and fun way to actually “use media” for class. I have both a WordPress as well as a Tumblr blog, and I have to say that Tumblr is a very user-friendly platform when it comes to sharing intellectual property such as audio files, videos and images.
    I believe that especially with the “Communication as a Social Force” course, a Tumblr blog can be very helpful as it will allow students to actually “see”/ experience the theories discussed in the course (such as the race & gender theories that are being discussed).
    Good luck with the course!

  2. Hi Derya,
    Many thanks for the words of encouragement. I agree that Tumblr makes it incredibly easy for people to share content (and far easier than blackboard). I also agree that as the course deals directly with events unfolding in the media it can provide a space to try and connect the two things. We’ll see how the content develops.

  3. Hi Patrick,
    Great idea to use a Tumblr page for your teaching, thanks for the tip!
    Take care,

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