Protest Camps and the Tactics of Camping

Recently, Eric Kluitenberg on his blog Tactical Media Files posted some reflections on The Tactics of Camping. The thought provoking post was an effort to make sense of  the use of camping and protests within the current wave of protest in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

As a way of continuing this conversation, I have helped contribute to  a guest post on the Tactical Media Files blog which offers a very broad sketch of a conceptual framework about protest camps that I have been working on with two friends/co-authors, Anna Feigenbaum and Fabian Frenzel. The post is drawn from work that the three of us have jointly presented at various conferences including The British Sociological Association  annual conference at the LSE earlier this year.

While I will not cut and paste the full test of our post, “Protest Camps – some reflections on a framework of analysis“,  I welcome any feedback on the post as it captures the spirit of a project based on Protest Camps that Anna, Fabian and I are currently working and hope to publish as a manuscript in 2013 (more on that soon!).


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