For Chris Hedges Fans and those of you in Montreal: Occupy! Workshop in Montreal January 27th

It is quite funny how these things work. A while back I had a series of blog posts around Kevin O’Leary’s treatment of award winning journalist Chris Hedges. As it turns out, Chris Hedges will be giving a keynote at McGill  later this month. The event, which will be held on January 27th, 2012 is open to the public, you just need to register first.

I, along with my colleague, Anna Feigenbaum will be both be giving workshops at the day long event which has the title: Media, Politics and Protest Camps in the Occupy Social Movement. My workshop, which has the title Occupy! the Media will provide an introductory look into ideas of media framing and how the mainstream media has represented the Occupy! movement. It will also explore various innovations in the media strategies of various Occupy movements from the use of uStream to the self-publishing of digital newspapers and posters with OccupyDesign  and the OccuPrint project.

Full details of this free workshop can be found on the Media@McGill site.

Hope to see some of you there!

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