Curated links and videos related to the viral ascent & descent of #STOPKONY

There is obviously a flurry of blog posts on #KONY2012 and the rights and wrongs around this social media campaign. Here are some selected videos and articles about KONY2012, the backlash, context, debate and data visualization to help you make your mind up.

First, the actual video

One of many  video responses on KONY, this one recorded for Al Jazeera’s The Stream,  also widely shared on social media platforms


The KONY debate Reddit Style

How the #KONY2012 debate is unfolding on Reddit:

PBS News Hour looks at KONY (embedded video currently not working; watch here)

<See more from PBS NewsHour.

Al Jazeera Runs Two Shows Related to KONY  

Inside Story

Al Jazeera’s show Inside Story runs an episode on “‘KONY 2012’ and the Future of Activism. Sorry video can’t be embedded, click photo.

The Stream

Al Jazeera’s social media show The Stream runs an episode Is ‘clicktivism’ destroying meaningful social activism? Click link for source or watch video below

The Data Visualization of KONY

Two blog posts, one by the New York Times, the other by Social flows, each examine how KONY went viral

  • New York Times blog post on how KONY went viral (click picture)
  • Data visualization on KONY2012 by Social Flow (click picture)

Documentation on the cessation of KONY screenings in Uganda

ON March 14, 2012 AYINET announced that it was suspending its Kony Screenings in Uganda. Read it here.

Lastly, KONY and Satire; Can it get any better than Charlie Brooker?

In research news…

PEW releases a report on, “The Viral KONY Video“. Full report can be downloaded here or it can be viewed online.


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