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Crowd Sourcing A (Working) Arab Spring Reading List for Media & Communication

Inspired by a conversation on a friend’s Facebook page, David Brake and I have begun compiling media and communication related readings published on the topic of the “Arab Spring”. While there is much popular literature, academic publishing is notoriously slow and pieces are only now beginning to drip out. One way of catching these is, of course, a Google Scholar Alert on the Arab Spring which I have had set up for some time (key terms “Arab Spring” and “media”).

However as of today,  David and I have begun compiling academic readings in a Google Doc A (Working) Arab Spring Reading List that is accessible to anyone. We are open to additional suggestions for readings and also recognise the limits of the current format, especially when the literature begins to mushroom. For now, however, it is a start.

EDIT: David Brake has also started a Zotero list too: https://www.zotero.org/groups/arabspringmedia/items

Get in touch in case you know something that is missing.



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